CNC Machining

Blue Ocean Industries is a CNC machining and engineering design business that specialises in precision, quality and reliability.

Our team has extensive experience in CNC milling and turning and have worked with customers in every market sector from tolerance critical precision tool-making to Aviation prototypes requiring CASA approved quality systems.

We use this accumulative experience to provide our customers with an advantage when designing parts for manufacture, regardless of whether they are 100% CNC machined, or if CNC machining is performed as a secondary process to fabrication, extrusion or casting.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick, efficient solutions in everything we do from concept prototypes to well thought out production setups.

Our goal is always to minimise production times (so we can provide a reduced cost to our customers) whilst maintaining the optimum quality and precision.

Do You Have a Project in Mind?

Types of CNC Machining

CNC Turning

CNC Milling

CNC Routing

Multi-axis CNC Machining



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CNC Milling

Colchester Harrison Storm Machining Centre

  • X,Y,Z travel 1300mm x 650mm x 650mm
  • Full 4 axis machining
  • 8,000 RPM
  • BT40 with 24 tool turret

Extron V6AC CNC Machining Centre

  • X,Y,Z travel 1040mm x 540mm x 550mm
  • Full 4 axis machining
  • 8,000 RPM spindle
  • BT40 with 16 tool turret

HAAS VF2 Machining Centre

  • X,Y,Z travel 762mm x 406mm x 508mm
  • Full 4 axis machining
  • 7,500 RPM spindle
  • BT40 with 24 tool turret

CNC Turning

YCM GT-300MA CNC Lathe

  • Fanuc controller
  • Maximum turning diameter – 360mm
  • Maximum turning length – 742mm
  • Spindle top speed – 3500 RPM
  • X, Z travel 275mm x 742mm
  • 12 Tool turret with C axis machining

Pinacho Smart Turn 6/310-155

  • Fanuc controller
  • Swing over carriage – 580mm
  • Main spindle bore – 155mm
  • Maximum turning length – 2000mm

Colchester Tornado A50 with Bar Feed

  • Fanuc controller
  • Max turning diameter – 170mm
  • Maximum turning length – 350mm
  • Bar capacity – 42mm
  • 12 Tool turret


MultiCam CNC Router

  • Table size 3000 x 1500mm
  • Manual Machining

Victor Lathe 400 x 1000

  • Swing over bed 400mm
  • 1000mm between centres

King Rich Turret Milling Machine

  • Table size 800 x 350mm

Colchester Lathe 2500

  • Swing over bed 300mm
  • 800mm between centres

Rostech Vibratory High Frequency Polishing Machine

  • Polishing and Deburing of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium and composites parts
  • 150 litre capacity