Spud Dredge Wear Pads

Customer Requirements

Blue Ocean Industries were contacted by a customer in North Queensland involved in Civil contracting in the Marine Industry.

The requirement was to supply wear pads for fitment of a spud carrier system on a Dredge.

To look for an improvement on the original wear pad material, the customer had contacted the Dredge manufacturer in Europe and they recommended changing the standard wear pad material to Tufcot® T100 Marine in order to improve the service life of the wear pad.

3D scans were taken by the customer and the wear pads were reverse engineered and 3D modelled.

Replacement wear pads would have to be CNC machined to match the contours of the surface of the carrier so that they seated correctly when installed.


This particular piece of Dredge equipment spends the majority of its service life in salt water environment.

Much of the time these wear pads would have been either fully submerged in rougher seas but could also spend large amounts of time where they were open to the elements, depending on the sea conditions and extreme temperatures in Northern Queensland.

By using Tufcot® T100 Marine in this application, it would ensure that the service life of the wear pad was not adversely effected by these changing conditions. T100 Marine performs equally well in dry and wet conditions due to its self-lubricating characteristics. This ensures that the wear pads are effective in operation whenever they are put into use and provides a maintenance free solution.

Blue Ocean Industries’ close relationship with Tufcot Engineering helped to ensure that the raw materials were sourced and on hand ready in the shortest possible lead time to accommodate the tight maintenance turnaround required.

Our state of the art CNC Machine shop enabled us to machine these wear pads with the required 3D contouring to ensure hassle free installation on site.