Propeller Shaft Bearings

Customer Requirements

Our Marine propulsion engineering client approached us to solve a supply chain problem that they were experiencing, sourcing shaft line bearings for Stern Tube applications from a regular European supplier/manufacturer.

They were looking at options to move away from this supplier as they had been growing tired of letting down their customers due to inability to supply parts.

Our client was initially hesitant as the product they were using was supplied by one of the largest manufacturers of Marine propulsion components in the world and they needed to be sure that Tufcot® T100 Marine would offer the same or better performance to their customers.

Propeller Shaft Bearings


After many years of Lloyds and DNV certification for use in Rudder and Stabiliser bearings, Tufcot®  T100 Marine was certified in early 2023 for Stern tube applications.

We machined the bearings in our in-house CNC machine shop and shipped them to the client for fitting; all completed within the required timeframe to help our client get their customer back on the water quickly.

Tufcot® T100 Marine has shown to perform brilliantly in hydrodynamic operation with reduced wear rates and low coefficient of friction.

We maintain Tufcot® composite materials stock on shelf in our Brisbane warehouse which means we can service our customers quickly, with a custom machine solution, manufactured from the highest quality materials.

Propeller Shaft Bearings