Lock Gate Bearings

Customer Requirements

Blue Ocean Industries were contacted by a customer on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland involved in commercial and government construction projects in the Marine Industry.

The requirement was to supply replacement Upper and Lower Guide bearings as well as Thrust bearings for a Lock Gate structure that required maintenance.

The customer required a bearing material adequate for substitution of the original bearing materials. The customer was experiencing difficulties with sourcing, logistics as well as long lead times. They began investigating alternatives to the original bearing material.

Time was also going to be a highly critical factor as the operation required that the Lock Gate which serviced a residential canal community, would have to be shut down during the replacement process which was going to prevent access to local waterways to thousands of residents.

A lot of heavy machinery would also have to be used to coordinate the entire operation making it an expensive process.


These Lock Gate bearings spend the majority of their service life in and around salt water environment. The Lower Guide and Thrust bearings spend 100% of the time completely submerged in salt water with the Upper Bearings also getting a lot of salt spray during poor weather conditions.

The customer had contacted Blue Ocean Industries to discuss the use of Tufcot® T100 Marine as a replacement for the original material used due to the difficulties they were experiencing in sourcing, logistics and lead times. T100 Marine was chosen as an alternative to the original bearing material due to the opportunities that it gave to improve the service life of the bearings due to its built in lubricants, low fiction and high wear resistance.

By using Tufcot® T100 Marine grade in this application, it would ensure that the service life of the bearing was not adversely effected by these changing conditions. T100 Marine performs equally well in dry and wet conditions due to its self-lubricating characteristics. This ensures that the wear pads are effective in operation whenever they are put into use and provides a maintenance free solution.

Blue Ocean Industries’ close relationship with Tufcot Engineering helped to ensure that the raw materials were sourced and on had ready to accommodate the tight maintenance turnaround required.

Our state-of-the-art CNC Machine shop enabled us to machine the highly toleranced bearings including longitudinal water grooves, and our expert team were able to press fit the bearings into the housings to provide a full turnaround service to our customer.