Large Clutch Plate Relining

Customer Requirements

We were approached by a long-standing client who specialises in Gearbox servicing and repair works for large mining plant and equipment.

They came to us with an urgent requirement for a brake lining solution for a clutch plate that worked as part of a large gearbox assembly.

The OEM manufacturer for the clutch assembly is based overseas, and they have a 4–5-week lead time as standard.

Ordering in parts from overseas was out of the question as every hour of plant unavailability was costing their client considerably in lost revenue.

Large Clutch Assembly Relining


Using what was left of the OEM brake pads, our team reverse engineered the brake lining profile and constructed detail drawings for quick approval with the client.

Thanks to the large amount of moulded lining stock that we hold as well as the variety in grades, we were able to quickly identify the suitable grade of lining and CNC machine replacement brake linings for these clutch plates.

Including reverse engineering, machining, and assembly, we were able to have the brake systems repaired and back in service within a week as opposed to the 4-5 weeks that our client was quoted.

The outcome for both our client and their customer was extremely positive with plant operational and generating revenue in a much reduced timeframe.

Large Clutch Assembly Relining