Green Carbon Anode Plant

Customer Requirements

Our long-standing client approached us for advice on the suitability of substituting Tufcot® in place of the OEM engineering material.

The OEM engineering material had been used to manufacture serviceable wear pads that are used in the green anode forming machines of their aluminium smelting plant.

The client was looking to increase the service life of these parts and in turn, reduce the shutdown costs of plant maintenance.

Green Carbon Anode Plant


After consideration of the application, we recommended the use of Tufcot® T100G material given its excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction.

After an initial 3 month trial showing results well above the expectation, engineering drawings were updated to show T100G as the standard material for this wear pad product.

Since substituting for Tufcot® T100G, our customer has more than doubled the life of the OEM wear pads.

This has also reduced the costs of maintenance to the client and increased the overall availability of the plant, resulting in our client investigating other areas that Tufcot® bearings could be utilised in their plant and equipment.

More trials to follow…

Green Carbon Anode Plant