Here at Blue Ocean Industries, we are extremely proud to be Australia’s official distributor of Tufcot®.

Blue Ocean Industries hold “Key Customer” status with Tufcot Engineering Ltd meaning we have exclusive rights for the sale of Tufcot® throughout Australia.

What Is Tufcot®?

Tufcot® is a composite engineering material that offers very high strength/weight ratios, a naturally low coefficient of friction, self-lubrication and significant weight reductions.

Tufcot® products include bearings, thrust washers, wear pads, wear rings, wear strip, custom parts and more.

There are 4 main material grades:

  • Tufcot® T100 – Standard Grade

  • Tufcot® T200 – High Temperature Grade

  • Tufcot® T400 – Fire Retardant Grade

  • Tufcot® T600 – Chemical Resistant Grade

The 6 Main Benefits of Tufcot®

Easy Installation

Low Maintenance


High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Minimal Swell in Water

Low Friction

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