Congratulations Lachlan!

We are very proud to announce that Lachlan Skipworth has recently qualified as a Fitter and Turner after completing his apprenticeship here at Blue Ocean Industries.

Lachlan’s Story

Lachlan started with Blue Ocean Industries in 2018 after doing some work experience over his school holidays while completing Year 12. He must have enjoyed his work experience with us here at Blue Ocean Industries because it wasn’t long before he returned!

After impressing the management team with his great work ethic and dedication to learning and applying himself, Lachlan was signed on in December of 2018 as our first apprentice Fitter and Turner.

As of January 2023, he has become our first trade qualified Fitter and Turner/CNC machinist.

Hopefully the first of many more apprentices to train with Blue Ocean Industries!

Lachlan - Blue Ocean Industries Qualified Apprentice

A Bright Future

Over the past 4 years Lachlan has grown immensely, both personally and professionally, and has shown real aptitude for the technical aspects of the trade.

Lachlan has really taken to his role as a tradesman and continues as a key member of the team on the workshop floor.

Lachlan really is as an excellent role model as he has gained valuable project management experience and helps to train other apprentices in the skills he has learned along the way.

We’re all very proud of you here at Blue Ocean Industries and look forward to your progress over the coming years.

Congratulations Lachlan!

Lachlan - Qualified Apprentice Certificate