Tufcot® T100 Marine material is DNV type approved for:

  • Rudder and Rudder Pintle Bearings
  • Propeller Shaft Bearings

As Tufcot’s Australian “Key Customer”, we have exclusive rights to the sale of Tufcot® materials across Australia, including Tufcot® T100 Marine.

This means our customers in the Marine sector benefit from the high quality of Tufcot® T100 Marine materials, its DNV approval and the quick turnaround we can guarantee.

DNV Approval


DNV is the world’s largest classification society and recognised advisor to the maritime industry.

With its DNV type approval, you can have full confidence when choosing Tufcot® T100 Marine material for your applications.

The main benefits of DNV approval are:

  • Tufcot® T100 is certified to comply with DNV standards as a “Type Approved Product”

  • Tufcot® material is manufactured to a high standard

  • Confidence in the Tufcot® T100 Material

  • Rapid turnaround of marine grade approved tubes to help vessels during docking

  • All orders are fully traceable

  • Many more benefits

DNV Approval

Tufcot® T100 Marine

Tufcot® T100 Marine is a versatile material used in applications in marine, inshore and offshore environments where low swell and compatibility with seawater is required.

It is the perfect solution for rudder bearing  and propeller shaft bearingss; equipped to deal with the harsh conditions commonly posed by the marine environment, able to operate in seawater but also under dry conditions when vessels are in ballast.

In the water-lubricated propeller shaft application, Tufcot® bearings operate hydrodynamically; lubricated and cooled by seawater passing through them.

This, combined with Tufcot® T100 resistance to particle embedding, results in very low wear of the shaft and the bearing.

T100 Marine

Tufcot® T100 Marine Material Applications

  • Rudder & Pintle Bearings

  • Rudder Carrier & Thrust Bearings

  • Water Lubricated Stern Tube Bearings

  • Stabiliser Fin Bearings

  • Stern Rollers

  • Deck Cranes

  • Deck Winches

  • Hatch Cover Pads

  • Many more applications

Tufcot® T100 Marine – The Perfect Material For Marine Conditions