Moulded Rolls

We supply premium grade, semi-flexible moulded lining in rolls.

All our moulded rolls are asbestos free with the following advantages:

  • High Kevlar content for strength and stability
  • Use of special technical rubber allows more flexibility and resistance to temperature
  • High pressure in the manufacturing process ensures compact and firm material
  • Precise dimensions with tolerances less than 0.1mm, meeting international standards.
  • The most recognised brands in the world use this brand of moulded roll to manufacture brake pads and kits

Do You Have a Project in Mind?

Moulded Sheets

Our moulded sheets are a highly versatile product for special applications.

Thanks to its composition, our moulded sheet maintains its thermal insulation properties and friction coefficient at high temperatures, which is why it has applications in the industrial, mining and automotive sectors.

It is also used in disc brake systems, adapting to different sizes of machinery and equipment.